5 Tired Things Hollywood Still Thinks Are Edgy

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And remember Californication, the series about the hard-drinking writer that was basically Eastbound And Down for people who lack self awareness? The first episode starts with David Duchovny getting blown by a nun. That’s the first thing you see in the whole show.

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And the top YouTube comment on that video is about how that scene was made to get rid of all the people who “get easily offended.” That says it all. Super edgy, bro.


Hamfisted Trump References Aren’t Exactly Groundbreaking

Right now, most of our the world’s collective creative energy is spent making fun of our president. Good for us, really. Every day, I see at least one joke that I wish I’d thought of, a few more that make me laugh, and at least 50 memes that I want to launch into the sun. But with the internet revolutionizing all the ways that we can tell our government to eat poo, where does that leave TV? More importantly, where does that leave Fuller House?

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Fuller House, the Netflix sequel to Full House that was created to test just how bored the human body can become, mentions Trump by having a kid character say, “I know all the bad words. Dumb, booger, and Donald Trump.” To people who don’t have the internet and catch Netflix through their neighbor’s lonely window, I’m sure this was a stunning display of edginess. To people with the internet, it was maybe the five millionth most edgy comment made about Trump of the hour.

It seems like Hollywood is so far behind the curve that they think throwing in any reference to Trump is automatically taking some kind of bold risk. The poster for The Purge: Election Year had the slogan “Keep America Great,” creating an automatic burst of outrage / free publicity without actually saying anything at all. American Horror Story: Cult featured a storyline about a family being torn apart by Trump … and a character smearing a layer of Cheetos dust on his face.


GET IT? See, because Trump kind of has orange skin, and isn’t that the true “American Horror Story,” kids? Bet you can’t believe we went there! You definitely didn’t just see several hundred far more cutting references while glancing at your phone waiting for the show to start.

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