The 5 Craziest Undercover Stories In Police History

One night, Kreis told Killian that he would receive a call from the Aryan Nations deputy director. This man would have a police radio on in the background, but Killian was told not to worry — he was a cop. That cop turned out to be James Elkins, an officer in the Fruitland Park department. Killian ended up having to fake a cancer diagnosis to distance himself from the Nazis, but his seven years of soul-crushing work stopped a planned terrorist attack and toppled the leadership of two Florida white supremacist groups. By the time they were arrested, Killian’s identity had been revealed, and he’s had to look over his shoulder ever since. Oh, and his wife left him because of the strain his undercover work put on their marriage. But at least he put that Nazi cop away! Oh wait, the Nazi cop resigned in 2009? And was caught leaving racist pamphlets on people’s stoops? Goddammit, Florida.

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An ATF Agent Went Undercover As A Hitman … Inside A Prison

Drug dealer James Richard Hackley decided to hire a hitman to take out Dave Jackson, the ATF informant who helped put him behind bars, because Hackley had never heard of the sunk cost fallacy. After word reached the ATF that Hackley was asking around for a killer, they sent an agent, “Lenny,” to pose as a hitman in the same jail. The plan was to trick Hackley into hiring Lenny, fake Jackson’s death, then slap Hackley with the charges. Not even the guards knew that the new inmate was an undercover agent. If you just heard a chime, that’s the shenanigans alarm. Shenanigans are inbound.

Word soon spread about Lenny’s “reputation” as a hitman. Hackley came knocking on his door and said, “I need this guy taken out. I need him gone forever; I need him, you know, eliminated.” For this grim duty, Hackley was ready to pay the princely sum of … one motorcycle. The fact that Lenny agreed to such stupid terms should have tipped Hackley off, but we’re not dealing with criminal masterminds here.

Federal Bureau of Prisons“I pay for every thing in motorcycles. Murders, drugs, cable bills — everything.”

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The ATF then got Lenny out of jail so he could perform the “hit,” which was lucky, since it’s much harder to kill civilians from inside a prison. Lenny went to Hackley’s apartment and got the key to the motorcycle from Hackley’s girlfriend as a down payment, and then the ATF got to work on faking Jackson’s death. They took photos that made Jackson look as if he’d been gunned down in a drive-by, then wrote a fake newspaper article about the “hit.” They even put it on the front page of a real newspaper and sent Hackley a copy. Hackley was absolutely ecstatic, and declared, “I love you, man. I owe you my life. I really do.” Then he was charged with solicitation of murder for hire, and had another 25 years added to his sentence. He is now presumably plotting to murder everyone responsible for that, prompting the need for yet another undercover operation.

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Man, these were all such much better than just carrying around a fake badge.

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